South Korean manufacturing industry is experiencing a rebound

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On March 30th, South Korea’s “Asia Daily” reported that in the midst of a sluggish semiconductor industry, with semiconductor giants increasing investment, South Korea’s manufacturing industry has rebounded again after four months of prosperity. The prosperity of the entire industry has shown an upward trend after 7 months.
The survey results of the “March Corporate Prosperity Survey Index (BSI)” released by the Bank of Korea (Bank of Korea) on the 30th showed that the actual BSI of the manufacturing industry for that month was 70 points, an increase of 7 points compared to the previous month. The BSI of the manufacturing industry has shown a downward trend for three consecutive months since December last year, dropping to its lowest level since July 2020 (59 points) in February of this year (63 points). BSI reflects a company’s assessment of its current business situation and prediction of future prosperity. When it is above 100, most companies show a positive economic outlook, while the opposite is true.
In specific industries of the manufacturing industry, due to the increasing investment demand for semiconductor equipment, the prosperity of the electronics, video, communication equipment (9 o’clock), primary metals (15 o’clock), and other mechanical equipment (13 o’clock) industries has improved, and the manufacturing industry prosperity index in March showed a significant increase.
According to the size and nature of enterprises, large manufacturing enterprises (7 points), small and medium-sized enterprises (6 points), domestic demand enterprises (9 points), and export oriented enterprises (3 points) have all increased.