Chinese and Korean manufacturers have successfully provided air conditioning systems for passenger trains in Bangladesh

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At the beginning of 2022, Liebherr Transportation Systems (China) Co., Ltd. received an order for 118 sets of air conditioning units (HVAC units), which was jointly built with Sung Shin RST, a made in South Korea locomotive and railway vehicle manufacturer, to provide air conditioning units for Bangladesh railway passenger trains.
Speaking of this transnational cooperation, it is a double battle between time and technology. Under various uncertain environmental factors, coupled with the tight delivery cycle, the need to complete the order in a short time is a test of the technical strength of both companies and the ability to coordinate multinational cooperation. Liebherr, with many years of project management experience, comprehensively and comprehensively analyzed customer needs, and carried out a number of detailed tests on the additional redundant functions of this customized product design. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning system and reduce communication barriers, Liebherr’s technical team flew to South Korea to provide additional training and technical guidance at the Sung Shin RST customer site.
Within less than six months, it successfully passed the first inspection and successfully delivered the first batch of air conditioning units. Thanks to the air conditioning equipment provided by Liebherr, the passenger train manufactured by Sung Shin RST provides comfortable travel for passengers in Bangladesh, which is highly recognized by local operators.
Roland Friedrich, Deputy General Manager of Liebherr Transportation Systems (China) Co., Ltd., said:
“Our flexible organizational structure has successfully provided customers (vehicle manufacturers and operators) in Asia with all the services they need. We can provide customers with Liebherr’s consistent high quality and high standard products at a reasonable cost within a very short delivery period.”
The Bangladesh bus project is the cornerstone of Liebherr’s upgrading of engineering, production and service facilities in Asia, aiming to better serve the local rail transit industry.
Based on the importance of the growth prospects in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Liebherr is making use of the existing aviation and rail transit facilities to expand its rail transit business footprint in the core markets of the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.